abril 24, 2018
abril 24, 2018
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The X-Cube Flash™ is a high temperature, high pressure continuous flow reactor, developed by ThalesNano Inc. to perform homogeneous organic synthesis. The X-Cube Flash™ is capable of 350°C and 200 bar (For reference, this compares to 250°C and 20 bar in a microwave).
Chemists can access new chemical space by working safely and conveniently at temperatures and pressures that were not easily accessible before.

See reactions go «in a Flash», saving time, materials, and effort. Analyze results faster, leading to quicker reaction optimization. The intrinsic nature of flow chemistry means scaling up of reactions is easier. X-Cube Flash™ can be easily included in any automated laboratory set up and multiple X-Cube Flash™ (and other ThalesNano) reactors may be hooked up in series to perform multistep synthesis. Chemistry «In a Flash» is simply a better way of working.

Wide variety of reactions can be performed on the X-Cube Flash™, including:

– esterification
– alkylation
– deamination
– Buchwald coupling
– Diels-Alder and
– Heck reactions without catalyst

  • A continuous flow of reaction mixture (flow rate up to 9.99 mL) is pumped into the system using a single or dual HPLC pump control, or an injector. The reaction mixture is then preheated and passes into an exchangeable reaction coil.
  • The reaction coil can be heated up to 350°C (662°F) and pressurized up to 200 bar (2900 psi). Reaction conditions can be monitored and changed on the fly using the touch screen interface.
  • Different size reaction coils (4 mL, 8 mL, 16 mL) may be used to increase reaction residence time or to increase the throughput of the reaction.
  • The reaction mixture is then cooled before eluting into a collection vessel.
  • The high temperature, high pressure capability of the X-Cube Flash™ means that many solvents may reach to supercritical conditions. This increases reaction rates by orders of magnitude meaning reactions may progress in minutes, even in the absence of catalysts.
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