Sistema de purificación FLASH 150
abril 24, 2018
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abril 24, 2018
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Sistema de purificacion – FLASH plus systems


High-Yield, High-Performance Milligram- to Gram-Scale Purifications
Biotage FLASH+ purification products incorporate all the basic features of our HPFC™ product line. The tools you need for efficient FLASH® purification can be purchased as complete FLASH+ systems or as individual components to suit your requirements. FLASH+ systems include everything except the cartridges: a solvent reservoir, a stand, a ZIF-SIM™, and a compression module with short and or medium barrel(s).

Biotage cartridge-based FLASH+ systems
simplify and speed flash chromatography. Designed for higher performance than standard cartridge-based systems, FLASH+ systems operate at up to 100 psig ÷ allowing faster flow rates, improved peak resolution, and increased sample loads on FLASH12+™-FLASH40+™ cartridges (5 mg-5 g scale). FLASH+ cartridges are designed for use with our Samplet™ sample-loading cartridges for quick and convenient sample introduction directly on top of the cartridge. Samplets simplify and improve sample preparation for multiple samples, low-solubility samples, or both.

Typical applications
involve purification throughout multistep solution-phase synthesis, in which there is high probability of complex mixtures. The scale of purification ranges from milligrams to grams for simple and complex mixtures.Caratteristiche:

  • Sample loads from 5 mg-5 g can be purified using the Biotage FLASH12+-40+ compression modules and cartridges.
  • New FLASH+ compression modules that utilize Sampletú technology and ZIF™ Sealing for superior performance.
  • Cartridges eliminate the hazards of loose silica. Normal & reverse-phase media provide unparalleled flexibility.
  • Medium-pressure (100 psig) system achieves faster flow-rates and improved resolution.
  • Stainless-steel and PTFE flow path offers compatibility with a wide variety of solvents.
Flash + Specifications:
(mm x mm)
Sample SizeFlow Rate
FLASH 12+™S12 ID x 755 – 200 mgmg 2.5 – 5101 L
FLASH 12+M12 ID x 15010 – 400 mg2.5 – 5101 L
10 ID x 201 mL—-—-—-
FLASH 25+™S25 ID x 7515 – 800 mg1510 or 351 L
FLASH 25+M25 ID x 15030 – 1600 mg15351 L
23 ID x 205 mL—-—-—-
FLASH 40+™S40 ID x 7540 mg – 2 mg25 – 50351 L
FLASH 40+M40 ID x 15080 mg – 5g25 – 50351 L
38 ID x 2010 mL—-—-—-
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