abril 24, 2018
Sistema de purificación FLASH 75
abril 24, 2018
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Flashmaster personal plus flash


FlashMaster™ Personal Plus Flash Chromatography System

Two-Column Model

This easy-to-use, affordable, entry-level flash chromatography system for post-synthesis purification of compounds features:

• A second column, to accommodate an extended range of applications (two-column model)

• Reproducible pump driven solvent delivery

• Easy-to-use, no programming needed to operate

• Compact size for efficient use of hood space

• Uses easy-to-install pre-packed ISOLUTE flash columns

Key Features
Fast, Convenient Uncomplicated Compound Purification
Affordable and easy-to-use, the FlashMaster™ Personal Plus is an integrated flash chromatography system for compound purification following organic synthesis. The system can accommodate up to two ISOLUTE flash chromatography columns and consists of:

• solvent pump
• flow rate control
• valve for selecting one or two column operation
• valve for on-line loading of liquid samples

The compact size of the FlashMaster Personal Plus system ensures efficient utilization of fume hood space and centralizes synthesis and purification resources. The FlashMaster Personal Plus system strikes a balance of simplicity, performance and reliability which makes it a perfect entry-level flash chromatography system for medicinal chemists.

Flexibility to Use Two Columns
(Two-Column Model)
The FlashMaster Personal Plus system can accommodate up to two columns to provide users with capabilities unavailable on other systems. Switching from one to two column operation is easily accomplished using the column selection valve on the front panel of the system and does not require breaking any solvent connections. Use the second column as a guard column:
• to protect the purification column from contaminants in the reaction mixture
• as an additional column for purifications requiring higher resolution
• as a sample cartridge to load solid or absorbed samples
• for on-line sample preparation using one of Biotage ISOLUTE SPE columns.

ISOLUTE SPE columns are available with a variety of sorbents and sizes to clean-up reaction mixtures prior to flash chromatography.

Efficient, Reproducible Purification of Compounds
Unlike other systems that use external gas pressure to deliver solvent, the FlashMaster Personal Plus system uses a magnetically driven pump. By using a mechanical pump, safety issues associated with pressurized systems are avoided and allow extended purification times when necessary. Changing solvents is fast and uncomplicated; simply place the solvent inlet into the new solvent bottle and prime the pump with the new solvent. Flow rates from 5 mL/min to 240 mL/min are set using a flow adjustment control ensuring reproducible and repeatable purifications. A valve for on-line loading of liquid samples allows the purification column to be pre-conditioned with mobile phase and loads the sample as a tight band on the head of the column, both necessary for reproducible separations.

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